Avoid Common Heavy Equipment Problems With These Maintenance Tips

Engine breakdowns, component damage, and system malfunctions are the most common issues when operating construction equipment. They’re often brought about by oversight in maintenance and can result in repairs, accidents, injuries, and downtimes.

To prevent such problems from impeding your operations, you must take a proactive approach to equipment maintenance. Read this blog for simple yet effective strategies you can follow to avoid machine issues and ensure successful construction builds.

Tip #1: Carefully operate under extreme weather conditions to prevent thermally induced failures.

Significant fluctuations in temperature can cause your construction equipment to break down. Oil, coolant, and fuel coagulate when it’s cold, which can result in a total engine shutdown. Meanwhile, the engine can also quickly overheat when the day’s too hot.

Be keen on preparing for and operating under extreme weather conditions. During winter, make sure that your fluids are temperature-appropriate to avoid gelling. You must also take the time to warm up your engine when starting your equipment. But if the weather’s extremely hot, consider not exhausting your machines to prevent overheating.

Tip #2: Promptly address component issues to avoid severe mechanical problems.

Excessive vibration, shock, collision, wear and tear, and abuse also contribute to the breakdown of your machinery. They initially impair different components of your equipment, gradually slowing it down. Then, they develop into a series of mechanical failures if left unattended.

Make sure that you address any component issues as soon as you notice them. Replace damaged parts and service faulty systems if necessary. It’s also crucial that you implement a preventive maintenance plan to minimize the risk of having mechanically induced failures. Lastly, operate your equipment within its limitations.

Tip #3: Perform regular checkups to prevent system malfunctions.

Electrical and hydraulic malfunctions are nearly impossible to predict. Unlike other issues that can easily be avoided or quickly detected through warning signals, these erratic failures can occur randomly and under different operating conditions. But, they are often caused by the system overloading.

It’s best to conduct frequent and thorough inspections to ensure that your electrical and hydraulic systems are in top condition. You must also observe their proper use as described in the manual to avoid going beyond their capacity. Doing these reduces the possibility of system malfunctions mid-operations.

Rely on Our Experts in Maintaining Your Rental Equipment

Renting equipment guarantees that your machinery’s in perfect shape when it arrives at your construction site. However, this doesn’t mean that maintaining them is no longer necessary. They will handle heavy operations throughout your project, so their continuous upkeep must be mandatory.

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