Heavy Machinery to Rent for Your Earthwork Operations

It is important to have the right equipment ready when managing earth-moving projects. They involve major procedures that require specific types of machinery. Here are some machines to source from your trusted heavy equipment rental company when preparing for upcoming earthwork operations:

Backhoe Loader

This machinery is characterized by its big loader and backhoe attachments. These key components provide the equipment with the versatility to handle various basic earthwork operations. The loader, which is attached to the front of the tractor, can be used to carry, push, and flatten soil. Meanwhile, the backhoe is installed at the end of the cab and can be utilized for digging the ground, crushing concrete, and lifting debris.

The backhoe loader has a swiveling seat that allows the operator to easily control the front and back gears. It is also equipped with large wheels and rugged tires for great maneuverability on rough terrain.


This equipment features a boom, arm, and bucket extending on the front of the tractor. Hydraulic cylinders power these components for excavating compact soil and demolishing big structures. The total length of these parts also gives the machine great reach, which is useful for carrying and placing large debris on high and far places.

The excavator has a rotating cab that gives the operator excellent view, control, and movement during operations, even when the machine is stationary. Meanwhile, its movable tracks also help in navigating uneven grounds on the construction site.

Skid Steer

This compact and multi-functional machine has two hydraulic lift arms that are installed to the back of the tractor and extend to the front. Various gears can be attached to the free end of the arms to take different earthwork operations. Ripper and tiller attachments are perfect for excavation, while backhoe and auger accessories are best used for trenching and digging.

The skid steer comes with either four wheels or two movable tracks that hold a fixed straight alignment. While they cannot turn, they can be controlled separately to change the direction of the equipment when driving. The operator must increase the speed of the wheels on one side to drag the others across the ground and turn the machine in the opposite direction.

Find the Perfect Machinery for Your Project

These types of earth-moving equipment also have different makes and models designed for specific situations. When choosing machines to rent, discuss your project requirements with a specialist to get the ideal units for your operations. At Rabern Rentals, we have knowledgeable professionals that will help you find the machinery you need. Contact our heavy equipment rental company to get started. You can also visit our offices in Amarillo, TX located at Soncy and Washington Street, or stop by our Hereford, TX branch.