Tips in Choosing a Construction Sweeper

Any construction company or contractor needs to learn the importance of keeping a site clean. Leaving construction debris and excess building materials lying around can be a safety hazard for the building crew and other employees. That is why it's important to have a construction sweeper ready for the project. Here are a couple of tips for choosing the right one.

Know the Different Types of Construction Sweepers
There are many kinds of construction sweepers on the market today, and all have a variety of features and uses. Knowing what kind of work that you do can easily determine what kind of construction sweeper you’ll be picking. Listed here are some of the common sweeper types currently being used.

  1. Mechanical Sweeper – It is the most common type of construction sweeper right now. Mechanical sweepers use a pair of large cylindrical brooms that flicks everything on its path into a hopper. It’s ideal for sweeping construction debris, coarse sand, gravel, and other heavy items.
  2. Vacuum Sweeper – Vacuum sweepers are better than mechanical sweepers at picking up finer material. They use a windrow broom to move particles and debris into a vacuum nozzle, and a powerful fan to generate suction to suck up the material into the hopper. These sweepers are great to use on uneven roadways with potholes.   
  3. Regenerative Air Sweeper – This type is used more on streets, parking lots, and other open spaces. Like vacuum sweepers, regenerative air sweepers use a powerful fan and engine to suck up the debris on the ground. But it uses air jets instead of a broom to loosen the dirt and draw it to the center of the machine. Because of this, it penetrates into the cracks and holes better.

Consider the Machine's Features
When looking for the right construction sweeper, you should consider what kinds of features the machine can offer you. If you're looking for mechanical sweepers, get something with large side brooms. For vacuum and regenerative air sweepers, a strong fan and engine can affect your choice. Knowing what the machine can do makes the job easier and faster for the operator.

Hopefully, these tips can help you choose which construction sweeper is appropriate for you and your site. For more information, contact Rabern Rentals. Check our available machines for rent in our showrooms. We have locations open in Amarillo and Hereford, TX.