How To Winterize Your Equipment

Winter entails chilly temperatures and the risk of intermittent or even regular snowy and icy conditions. This kind of weather is not good for your heavy equipment, as it might malfunction under such conditions. It is critical to look after your machines to prevent any mishaps during use. Here are a few maintenance tips to help you winterize equipment:

Inspect Your Heavy Equipment Regularly
Check everything in your machine, such as the lights, windshield wipers, the fluid levels in the engine, and the brakes. Their heating system should also be checked, making sure it runs smoothly. It would be a great time for winter maintenance, such as lubricating joints, hinges, and other engine parts.

Inspecting your tires is also very important, as they can lose air pressure when stored for long. To prevent this, place them within a heated space, such as the garage, before filling your tires with air. This will help the tire beads to sit snug on the groove of their wheel.

When re-inflating your equipment’s tires, use dry nitrogen gas instead of compressed air. Doing so avoids ice crystals forming inside them during freezing weather, which can cause air to leak from your tires when they accidentally open the valve stem.  

Change the Fuel and Filters
On warmer days, most heavy machinery runs on No. 2 diesel fuel. It’s not advisable to use this type of diesel during winter since it can solidify when cold. Switching to No. 1 diesel fuel will stop ice from forming in the fuel lines and fuel tank.

Filter replacement is just as critical to the machine’s engine’s health as a fuel replacement. Check the fuel filters to verify if they’re clean or if they need to be replaced while changing the fuel. If left unchecked, clogged filter can cause serious damage to your equipment’s engine. Before winter sets in, drain the fuel water trap to prevent clogging.

Proper Battery Care and Storage
To start your heavy equipment more easily and reduce stressing the engine when it starts, you should constantly take extra care of its batteries. You can maintain their life span while stored by recharging them when their capacity is at 75%. Cleaning the cells by removing rust, grime, and moisture and storing them in a warm and dry place during winter will help secure their battery life.

Protect Your Equipment Today
Start doing these precautionary measures today to prevent your equipment from freezing this winter. Winterize equipment to ensure that it works properly during this cold weather. Contact Rabern Rentals today for a list of rental equipment that is winter-ready.