Tips for Storing Your Heavy Equipment

Tips for Storing Your Heavy Equipment

Keeping your heavy machinery in storage can help preserve its life span, allowing you to use it for an extended period and avoid early replacement. There are proper ways to store tools and equipment while also regularly maintaining them while in storage to make sure they still function properly when needed. Here are a few methods to teach you the benefits of storing your heavy machinery indoors and prevent them from breaking down.

  • Keeping the Heavy Machinery in an Enclosed Facility
    Avoid leaving your equipment outdoors, as this leaves them at the mercy of the elements. Keeping them out of the open not only makes sure they work properly but also prevents your equipment from being a victim to theft and vandalism. Put them in an area where their fluids are kept at their proper operating temperature.

  • Conduct Regular Maintenance
    It’s crucial to inspect the equipment before storing it.Engines work best when they are kept well-lubricated and have their batteries charged. These two practices are part of routine maintenance checks that should be done once a week or every time you put heavy machines in storage. Store tools and equipment where they are accessible and could easily be lubricated from time to time, even when they’re not used.

  • Check if the Equipment Is Clean Before Storage
    When storing them for an extended period, you need to make sure that all parts, moving or not, are clean and free of debris. Before storing them, it’s vital to inspect for moisture and clean them accordingly to prevent any rust or corrosion from spreading and avoid any possible damage. If they consume fuel, make sure all power sources are turned off. Heavy machines should also have enough space from each other to prevent any mishaps.

Store Your Machines Properly Today
By observing these simple tips and being mindful of your equipment, you’ll be able to use them continuously for their entire life span. Proper storage and maintenance will allow you to maximize your machine’s effectiveness for a long time. Get in touch with Rabern Rentals in Amarillo, TX if you’re looking to buy heavy equipment.