Safety Guidelines for Using a Tile Stripper

Safety Guidelines for Using a Tile Stripper

Floors are always under a great deal of wear and tear, especially those with a lot of traffic. Corridors and commercial spaces are a few of the places with the most used floors, usually noticeable from all the damage from continuous use. Luckily, the flooring can be replaced and be made to look brand new again.

Replacing or removing material on floors, however, requires the necessary tools. One of the many pieces of equipment you can use to remove tiles or other flooring material is a tile stripper. It’s a rotary-driven machine that strips the tile layer off a floor’s surface. It can be used for materials like vinyl, carpet, rubber, and even wood.

Safety Precautions When Removing Tiles

It’s a good idea to wear breathing, hearing, and eye protection when using a tile stripper. Aside from the loud vibrations produced by scraping against tiles, a tile stripper also produces a lot of dust particles, so a dust mask should be worn all the time. Protective glasses or goggles should also be used to protect your eyes from any flying tile shards or debris. There are gas-powered tile strippers, but for indoor use, electric ones work best.

Using the Tile Stripper Correctly

To avoid any mishaps, there is a proper way of using the tile remover. You’ll need to start with the flat edge of the tile, which may need a little part to be broken off if it’s not fully exposed. You can then place the blade against the side of the tile that is exposed, turn on the stripper and push it forward to scrape the tiles off the floor.

You can do it like lawn mowing, wherein once you reach the room’s end, you can do it again on the opposite side of where you started. Remember to clean up debris and broken shards to ensure nothing gets stuck on the stripper and make your tile removal easier. You can continue doing this until all the tiles have been scraped off the floor.

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