Essential Lawn Care Tools and Equipment

Essential Lawn Care Tools and Equipment

When choosing lawn care tools that you’ll need tosustain your garden, there are numerous choices. Using the proper equipment forthe job makes upkeep quick and simple. So, high-quality tools are necessary to ensureyour lawn is in good shape. Listed below are the most important lawn carefundamentals that will assist you in keeping your yard looking neat and fresh.

  • String trimmers & edgers
    As its name suggests, astring trimmer is a tool that trims grass by whipping nylon at high revolutionsper minute in areas that a lawnmower can’t access. It allows you to maneuveraround lawn barriers like mailboxes, fences, around and below decks, and evenshrubs and trees. Some of these trimmers have an adjustable head where you canposition them the way you need to for better reach or ground clearance.

    Similar to a string trimmer, an edger commonly uses a metal blade that isin a vertical position used to cut and trim the edges of the lawn. There arealso handheld models, but most people opt for the electric-powered long-reachvariants. This is usually seen used on sidewalks, paths, and garden corners. Anedger will give you cleaner edges around your lawn, and it can be used to trimovergrown grass.
  • Mowers
    The most commonessential tool on any garden or lawn is a good mower. Not only does it keepyour grass cut neatly, but it also gets rid of any weeds that may have grown.Using a lawn mower greatly reduces the time needed to cut grass compared todoing it manually, though it may require more physical effort to push around amower.

    You can also use a mulching mower that chops up the grass clippings anddeposits them back on your lawn. It allows you to cut grass and fertilize thegarden simultaneously, cutting down on time to do both tasks separately.
  • Leaf blowers
    A normal leaf rakeshould be okay for a small lawn or garden but may prove to be difficult to usewhen cleaning up a larger area. A leaf blower is a quickest and most effectiveway of collecting and compiling stray leaves and other gardening debris. Thereare both electric and gas-powered variants; the former is commonly seen forhome use, while the latter is used for business.

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